About Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd

Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd has a vision to supply a simple solution to client's demands, specialising in temporary,permanent and contract recruitment.


Welcome to Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd a supplier of temporary, permanent and contracted candidates specialising in Technical, Manufacturing (Food or Non) M&E, and Construction industries. Established in April 2013 our growth has overtaken our expectations, due to the nature in which we deliver to the clients needs. We believe confidence in the recruiter you choose is paramount to you and your business. Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd creates a working relationship to instill maximum confidence to our clients. We have facilities to give you as little or as much exposure to our processes as you require, our unique methods of finding the right candidates have lead us to become a driving force within the recruiting industry. We give each candidate a full briefing to the company, surroundings and vacancy expectations in which they will be tasked whether that be an interim, temporary vacancy or permanently contracted, our candidates will be ready.

Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd is only as good as its candidates

             So we ensure we find the best