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Contracted Recruitment & Assessment Days

Recruitment drives and assessments days take up lots more time then the day in itself. Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd offers a facility to support businesses throughout recruitment and assessment days. Working closely with each client to establish the format in which each assessment day takes place.

Benefits of using Assessment Centres

Many major business, government and non-profit organisations use the Assessment Centre method. They have found it can improve the accuracy of selection decisions improve the effectiveness and credibility of internal selection and promotion procedures ensure training and development resources can be invested more cost effectively whilst saving time and money by combining selection, assessment and the identification of training needs in the same procedure Provide self and organisational insights into strengths and problem areas offer valuable training for those managers used as assessors, particularly in the areas of performance appraisal, coaching and interviewing skill.

“Let Orchard Professional Solutions Ltd take away the hassle and provide the results”